Who We Are

TK Academy is established by the family and team behind TK Bakery, the household that bakes fresh and tasty pastries, cakes and bread for Malaysians since 1970. For over three generations, Tong Kee has passionately protected and passed down perfected traditional skills and modern techniques for almost 50 years.

The idea of TK Academy was inspired by the story of a loving mother, who was worried about her son’s future, as he was not academically smart. Fortunately, he discovered his passion for pastry and talent in baking. His mother had never thought that she would have the chance to see her son graduating in a convocation ceremony, but he made her proud when he did.

Through that, we realised how we can help improve many young lives by teaching skills which will open paths and opportunities that lead them to a brighter future. Therefore, TK Academy was established with the goal to guide and support future potential pastry chefs, with professional courses and state-of-the-art facilities.

At TK Academy, students will get to learn directly from successful and award-winning chef lecturers, through a small, focused class with other passionate pastry chefs. With our carefully designed syllabus, students will receive certifications from internationally recognised institutions which will help them unlock many career opportunities.

The spirit of professionalism and passion remains at the core of our institution. Our vision is to help create your future with your own hands.

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To protect and pass down perfected traditional skills and modern techniques by our master bakers.


To guide every passionate baker into crafting their future with their own hands.

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